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EPPC Guitar Summer Camp 

2019 Camp

Sheet Music and Guitar

EPPC offering 20 scholarships for the Guitar Summer Camp every year

Thanks for Rodrigo Almeida and his dream

to Cabell Huntington Hospital and Strings by Mail Summer Camp to make this happen


The student can choose between Classic guitar or Popular guitar            

  The scholarship includes :

                                 Booklet for the camp;

                                 Set of strings donated by strings by mail.

More information about strings by mail please, click HERE     


                                 No need of background in music nor in guitar.

                                 kids from 11 to 14 years old

                            Guitar - highly recommended

                                For the classic guitar course, it is preferably a NYLON string guitar.

                                For the popular guitar course, either nylon or steel strings.


At the end of the camp, both classes will have an open recital.                          


Soon more information about Summer 2020

Before register your kid(s) please, click                            to watch this video with more information 

For registration or more information :email to:,

Watch The Summer Camp Concert :        


Rodrigo Almeida 


He holds a Master in Performance from Marshall University (WV) and a Diploma in Performance from Indiana University (IN). He is a multi-award recipient in festivals and competitions in Europe, North and South America. Teaching for more than 17 years, Rodrigo is committed with the success of his students and the music! 


For more information about Rodrigo and his teaching philosophy, please visit:

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