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We are glad that you have chosen Enslow Park Presbyterian Church. If you are looking for a church family, we welcome you from whatever tradition you may have come, and invite you to explore our worship, our classes and whatever captures your imagination and need.You will find a church with strong traditions of worship and music. A member of church of the Presbyterian Church, this is a welcoming, caring community of open-minded, thinking Christians.

Enslow Park is a safe place to ask questions and to live the questions of life that have no easy or pat answers. We understand the life of faith to be a journey, ans we walk that journey with God and one another. Enslow Park is an exciting congregation where you can grow in faith and discover meaningful opportunities to serve others in the name of God. Our church family has a long standing commitment to community outreach, and we are eager to greet you as one of the family.

The Hospitality and Welcome whole purpose is to provide a warm, caring, and welcoming environment that removes barriers and enables people to experience the living God; to be the loving and healing presence of Christ to those we encounter.  We want everyone to find a home in Christ at Enslow Park Presbyterian Church, which is an oasis of hospitality and friendliness.

Our Mission Statement guides us in our church life:

In response to God's love in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we at Enslow Park Presbyterian Church are called to be a community of believers who are committed to the purpose of exalting God through reverential and joyful worship, through loving care for each other, and by serving the community and the world.


“We exalt God through joyful worship, loving care for others, and service to our community and world.”


“We will be known as a growing, spiritually vibrant, and diverse congregation, serving others through Christ’s love.”

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